Monday, 9 April 2007

Posh n Knotts

We don't often take in pedigree cats, but last week we had a call from someone who needed us to take in three persian cats, Oliver, Alfie and Eliza. They came in a week ago and all three were badly matted.

Persian cats are seriously maintenance heavy - they need grooming thoroughly every day, and by that we don't just mean a quick swipe with a flea comb. They need to be brushed, combed and de-tangled all over their bodies - underarms, bottoms, chins as well as the obvious places such as backs, tummies, tails and heads.

These three had obviously been used to being groomed as they were extremely compliant once we'd wielded the combs, lifting their backs and showing no objection to being rolled over so that we could tackle their tummies.

But it soon became obvious that combing them wouldn't do the trick - they needed serious professional help!

So off they went to our wonderful vets who spent over an hour dematting each cat.

On return, Alfie and Eliza looked a bit like poodles!!! and were much smaller without their fur than we'd imagined.
Oliver didn't look too bad, but in fact he'd been the worst of the three. However as his fur was much longer than the other two the top layers were able to cover the worst of the bald patches.

We had to be careful to ensure that new homes for our three posh visitors would be suitable - that their new owners had plenty of time to care for them, and we were lucky enough to find three such families who were prepared to take on the responsibility.

We don't blame anyone for the state that these three had got into, their original owner had obviously cared for them very much - that was obvious from the way they behaved when we groomed them. But after his death, his family with young children of their own just didn't have the time to devote to three hairy fairies.

Persians really are beautiful cats, but do consider very carefully if you want one. Can you devote an hour each day per cat to groom and care for them?

Do you remember Lacey, that cat who isn't a cat? Well, she has settled well into her new home, and her new human says: Thought I'd drop you a quick email to say Lacey is doing really well. I brought her home on sunday...she explored the place then sat on my knee & very quickly found her purr!! I really didn't expect her to settle in so quickly & take to me as she has! She's now starting to play also & has been well far! - starting to show her cheeky side! She's also eating well.....she looks (and acts) very much like a....CAT! Haven't felt the need to try her on raw meat as she seems to enjoy the CAT food just fine!