Friday, 28 September 2007

Two tone rescuees...........

What's your favourite colour? Blue, red, purple? What colour is your decor? Lime green, shocking pink, soft almond? What colour hair do you have? Silver, red, black, blond?

Of course we all have favourite colours, and of course we all look differently. And it is true that we are initially attracted to people who have a certain "look". That's normal. It is normal too, to be attracted to animals because of their appearance.

But it breaks our hearts when we have visitors to our centre who refuse to consider, or even meet our lovely black and white cats.

People seem to think that black and white cats are all the same, boring, dull, not pretty. But nothing could be further from the truth. There are lots and lots of different "regular" patterns, and as many "irregular" patterns as there are black and white cats with them.

Let's look at some of the different patterns. There's the Tuxedo pattern (or dressed for dinner), black with white paws and a white bib (and even then, they often have different patterns on their faces); there's the "felix" look - black face with a white stripe down the nose and a black body and tail with a white underbelly. That's a couple of the "regular" patterns, and even then they are not all identical.

As for the "irregulars" - the cat could be white with black blobs, white and black randomly scattered, it could have a white stripe down the nose, or a "fringe" of white; it could be black with white toes, or feet, or lower ankles, or legs - and sometimes with different colour legs - a mixture of black and white. It may have a white tail with a black end, a black tail with a white end, or even a black tail with a white ring or vice versa! It might have a "moustache" or "beard" - usually but not always black on white, or it could have a "Christmas tree" pattern, like Ben Purr, our late Cat-in-Charge who's photo appears on our blog main page. The list and the variations are endless!

Even in a litter of five black and white kittens with a black and white mum, there are differences! Just look at these photos of Marnie and her babies to see that!

Few cat lovers can fail to be enthralled by the symmetry of a tabby cat, the sleek beauty of the oriental breeds, the fluffy perfection of the exotic breeds. But why follow the crowd? If you dismiss the black and whites you are dismissing the privilege of having something that may look unique - you would be hard-pressed to find two identical black and white cats, other than a few of the commoner patterns.

Personalities are much more important than colour. Yes, of course people will be initially attracted to a particular colour cat, but wouldn't it be nicer to have friendly personable cat who may not be the most attractive cat in your opinion, than to have a gorgeous cat who didn't suit your personality?

Here are a selection of photos of cats recently in our shelter - all black and white, and none looking like any of the others! Let's hope we get lots of comments from readers telling us how gorgeous their black and white cats are.

And don't get us started on black cats who are almost as unpopular ............ Or the people who want a cat to match their decor ............. shocking pink? Lime green? I don't think so!!!