Friday, 1 June 2007

Catch up

Today's blog is a catch up on some of the cats we've introduced you to over the last few weeks.

The photos above are two of Zelda's kittens. Sadly, the two littlest died at about three weeks old, they just faded away and nothing we could do could save them. We were all terribly saddened. The five survivors are doing well, nice and big and eating well - all are now weaned and really giving poor old Zelda a run for her money. She is very thin and giving far too much of her energy to the kits, so we are doing everything we can to make it easier for her.

Our big lad Charlie, is due to have his thyroid operation next week. Hopefully he will be fine, but he is responding well to the medication and his heart-rate is decreasing nicely.

Last but not least, our lovely little Faye is doing really well. Not only is the vet very pleased with the progress of her wound from her collar injury, but last night Faye had two lovely babies. Mum and kits doing well - such a proud mummy!