Monday, 2 July 2007

In again Finegan, Out again Finegan!

We were absolutely thrilled to read on the BBC website about the cat who was reunited with her original owners after being missing for ten years. This happened thanks to a microchip. We hope that the person who had been caring for her for the ten years she was missing was able to contact her original owners and that some of the ten years can be filled in for her.

We had a similar story this weekend. Not ten years, but eight months. A family reported a little stray cat which they had been feeding for about a month. When a place became available at our centre, we offered it and the family brought the cat in.

As is our procedure, we scanned her straightaway and we were delighted to find a microhip. We expected her to be registered to a home in the area where she'd been found, but to our surprise her registered address was about 10-12 miles away.

We phoned her owners, who were astounded at the news - they had given her up for lost. They were able to come and claim her almost immediately, and they told us that she had been missing for over eight months.

We can only assume that she had got into a vehicle - it is unlikely that she would have wandered so far, although of course we'll never know for sure. Raffles -as she was called - was as pleased to see her people as they were to see her. Hopefully, she'll stay put now, but if she does go walkies again, at least her microchip will increase her chances of being returned to her owners.