Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Finding my Feet

Hello, my name's Buster and this is my story.

I came to Haworth Cat Rescue at the end of last year after I had been living in someone's garden for a year. They couldn't keep me as they had a budgie who flew around the house and they though (quite rightly) that I'd probably catch and eat him, so they asked Haworth Cat Rescue to take me.

I can't remember if I had an owner when I was little, but I'm not frightened of people, so I probably did. But because I wasn't neutered my hormones kicked in and I went off looking for girl cats. In fact I fathered quite a few kittens and if you look earlier in this blog you will see some of my babies with their mum, Marnie (all now safely rehomed by Haworth Cat Rescue).

Anyway, when I came to Haworth Cat Rescue I found it very strange to be in a smallish space, just my own bedroom and outside run. There were compensations though, lovely meals twice a day, a heater at night and those wretched earmites that were driving me mad were given a short sharp shock and vamooshed. I was also neutered. I have to say I wasn't sure about this - I thought it might spoil my fun.

When I came to Haworth Cat Rescue I pretty much ignored all the people there. I let them feed me and I tolerated it when they stroked me, but I just wasn't interested in them. I stayed in my bed and ignored them, and in fact they used to wonder if I actually had legs!

Recently though, I've realised that I quite like getting stroked, and if I put my head towards the people they will stroke me a bit more. It's great. I've also discovered that if I rub around their legs they bend down and stroke me and pick me up and give me a cuddle. I love that!

One of them said it was because I had been neutered, and do you know, I think they're right. I no longer feel the need to run around the countryside looking for girl cats, I am quite happy to be cuddled and stroked. I am even trying to find my purr, I'm sure it's in there. It's much more fun being stroked and looking for my purr than it is looking for girl cats in a dark cold world, risking getting run over, getting into fights and picking up horrible diseases.

So, now I'm ready for a home. I didn't really care before because I had other things on my mind, but now I've proved I'm a soft old cat (with legs!!!) I think the least they could do is find me a home!