Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Drifting gently into autumn

One of the hardest group of cats we have to deal with are elderly cats. These golden oldies come into our care, usually as much-loved pets who have often had to be relinquished due to the death or illness of their owner.

They are often in moderately good health and often have quiet loving personalities, just wanting a quiet lap and a warm fire in the autumn of their lives.

Minerva is a typical case, although we don't know her origins. She was handed into our vets as an unwanted stray, but due to her loving nature we guess that she has been someone's much loved cat.

Minerva likes nothing more than to cuddle herself into the crook of an arm and purr and knead to her heart's content.

But no one wants to adopt her, and in many ways we can understand this. She is an older cat so by definition she may not have many years left, and of course as she gradually drifts into old age she may need medical attention, resulting in high bills.

But on the plus side, she is less likely to wander, less likely to be hit by a car, and her (absolutely gorgeous) personality is already known, so there will be no surprises there.

It would be great to find Minerva a home for the remainder of her days, so that she can live out her life with the comfort and love she deserves.