Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Who left that empty cat basket in the middle of the drive?

Tuesday morning, mid way through feeding the cats we noticed that someone had carelessly left an empty cat basket in the middle of the drive.

What a shock we got when we moved it - it was much heavier than it should have been and looking inside we discovered a sleek black cat, who immediately began shouting her head off.

This was obviously a case of someone no longer wanting their cat, and rather than checking with us to see if a place was available, had just dumped her with us.

We had no cat pens available, only tiny kitten pens, and we had no choice but to put her in there. Although she is dry, comfortable and fed, she has very little room and no outside access.

We don't know her name, age or background, and will have to rehome her with very little information to give to her new owners.

Our younger volunteers have called her Sabrina, and she is a friendly affectionate cat, so we hope that before long we will find her a home and she can start to settle.

Good news!!! Ben and Kitty who we featured in our last blog have been rehomed together. Fingers crossed they will settle in soon.