Monday, 16 July 2007

Don't leave me, mummy!

We don't really intend to use our blog as a place to appeal for homes for the cats in our care, but we are making an exception this time.

Seven years old Ben (white and tabby) and his eight years old mum Kitty, have been with us for several weeks now, as we want to find them a home together. They enjoy each other's company, grooming each other and rubbing heads together and it would be a shame to separate them.

We often have difficulties rehoming cats in pairs, as of course it is dependent on someone coming and not only wanting a pair, but actually bonding with the pair(s) we have. Ben and Kitty don't do themselves any favours as they are a little bit timid when first meeting new people, but they are much better once they've got to know you.

Ben is bigger than his mum, and his nickname is "The Walrus" - due to his habit of laying on his back with his front paws tucked under and his back paws and tail stretched out. You may hear some of our more mature volunteers singing "co-co-ca-chew" as they walk past. Kitty is less extrovert, but can be a very loving cat once she has gained trust.

If you think you could offer Ben & Kitty a home, and you live in the Bradford/Halifax area or nearby, please email us.

At the request of readers of our blog, a quick update on some of the cats we've featured recently. Miranda and one of her kittens, Islay, have both got new homes, but we are still waiting for someone to fall in love with Johnnie.

Zelda has gone to her new home. Her kittens have been quite ill but are on the way to recovery and two of them have gone to live with the nurse at the practise where they were treated. The other three will be rehomed shortly.

Faye, who had the collar injury is doing well. Her wound has healed and she is currently in one of our foster homes with her two little kittens, Oliver and Alfie, who are now about 6 weeks old. Faye is very jealous of any attention given to the kittens, and wants all the strokes for herself. She is also cross with the kittens as they are starting to play away from her and she wants to carry on feeding them. It is a shame in some ways that there are too many cats, as she is such a good mum that it would be great to let her have future litters, but it is not to be. Faye and her boys will come back to us when the kits are about 10 weeks old and all three will be neutered and put up for adoption then.

Charlie and Tilly are both settling well into new homes and very much loved by their owners.

We hope to post on our blog again soon, please keep reading.