Tuesday, 27 March 2007

It's not a real cat!!

Caller: I have a bit of a situation.

Our volunteer: Oh yes?

Caller: I've got a cat but it isn't a proper cat.

Our volunteer (perplexed): What is it then?

Caller: Well it's got a black stripe on its back and spots.

Our volunteer (still not sure what she's dealing with): So what's the situation?

Caller: Well, it's wild and it wants to eat raw meat. It won't eat cat food.

Our volunteer: How long have you had it?

Caller: Since yesterday.

Our volunteer: Where did you get it from?

Caller: A friend. She found it in the woods a fortnight ago but she's decorating and she doesn't want it and I don't want it either.

Our volunteer (trying to clarify): So is it a cat or if not what is it?

Caller: it looks funny, it's got a funny face and I think it's wild. I don't want it.

Our volunteer: OK, bring it in.

An hour later the-cat-who-isn't-a-cat turned up, looking very much like a cat as far as we could tell, albeit a very nervous and stressed cat.

Lacey is aged about 5-6 months, enjoys (cooked) tinned cat food as well as biscuits and hasn't shown any signs of being anything other than a cat. She will be spayed on Thursday and then we'll try and find a home for her.

We can only assume that this is a case of "buyer remorse" - the previous owner got her and then, because the cat did the normal "cat-in-a-new-home" thing and hid until she was feeling more secure, decided that she was too much like hard work and wanted rid.

Her loss, Lacey's new owner's gain.

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